Can anybody learn how to fly?


With almost 30 years of solid experience in the aviation industry in the areas of training, examining, adult learning and facilitation, I have gained insight into the human condition in a variety of ways. Teaching someone how to fly is a fairly technical, focused affair, yet the minds involved are human, meaning that despite the complexity of any given topic we are all subject to our personal reality of attitudes, beliefs, areas of focus and aptitude.

So it doesn’t really matter whether it’s learning how to soar or learning how to be in charge of your life again, you will have to make an effort to overcome what’s standing in your way, and having someone by your side to fully support you in your efforts, someone who can show you how you can achieve your goals for yourself, is an excellent way to set you off on your unique path to the next version of You.

I am an RSCI Coach, certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist and Time Paradigm Practitioner. I am also qualified as an RTT practitioner. Much more important than this, I have a genuine interest in my fellow human beings, and when you work with me you and the achievement of your goals will be my No. 1 priority. My trainings are accredited with the following organizations: 

Continuing Coaching Education
Federation Of NLP Coaching Professionals
Rapid Transformational Practitioner

I work with:

Absolute confidentiality.

100% integrity

Fully supportive of your goals and desired outcomes


Challenging you and your status quo along the way

Zero judgement



Yes. Anybody can learn how to fly. You too.

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