Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching with Now Step Up! uses an integrated approach to help you become the next version of You.

We acknowledge that development of a resourceful mindset can never be complete without taking into consideration our emotions, our physical body and our spirituality. They are the four pillars of our existence here on this planet, and the more aligned they are, the more congruent, joyful and successful our lives will be.

“Holistic” is a very popular word these days, but here at Now Step Up! Coaching we are experts in all four areas – you get straight-up, proven coaching techniques that work, combined with the benefits of hypnotherapy and Time Paradigm Techniques, sound advice on how to take care of your body and an open-minded environment to explore how you can place yourself and your existence into the “bigger picture” – that we are all embedded in.

We’ve been there, we’ve done it. And that’s why we know what we are talking about.


I am a certified RSCI Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist and Time Paradigm Practitioner.

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