Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy © is a revolutionary, deep-relaxation based concept developed and owned by Marisa Peer, at one point voted “Britain’s best therapist”. She has developed RTT © over a timespan of 30 years with phenomenal results.

It is suitable to address a variety of specific issues, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias and much, much more. RTT © works by going straight to the core of the issue – your unconscious mind.

RTT © is not a complicated concept, and it certainly isn’t magic. Our minds operate under a few quite simple, basic principles, and that’s where RTT © works its power to create instant, lasting change.

Anyone can be put into a trance state, including you. It is a relaxing, empowering and natural state of accessing your unconscious mind, while being in full of control of what happens all of the time.


I am a certified RTT © Practitioner.

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