Life Mastery means breaking the chains of unhealthy habits, emotions and conditioning


You may have come across the term before. Life Mastery. Sounds pretty far out, right? Well, Life Mastery is actually a very real, practical and applicable skill, because it will help you to create your life, instead of merely living it. We all know what life can throw at us these days – constant demands from all directions, all battling for our attention. It can be very difficult to sift through all this white noise so we can determine what deserves our focus and what doesn’t.


Life Mastery = Alignment

We consist of different elements which in total make up our experience as human beings. We have a mind, the generator of thoughts, the source of all action-taking, as well as a body, through which we experience emotions in a very direct and immediate way. And we have higher wisdom, consciousness, something that lies behind the mind that has nothing to do with our Ego, the way we define ourselves in this world. These parts cannot exist independently of each other – they are connected in a myriad of ways, and neglecting one will always affect the others in some shape or form. Living an aligned life does not mean that all areas are always operating at 100/% 24/7/365. Life is fluid and ever changing and so are our internal states. What it means is striving for equilibrium, a balance, where no part is neglected and no part is overemphasized.

If we like to work out or run marathons for example we will end up having a very healthy, capable body. If we do little else we then are just very efficient biomechanics machines. Likewise, if all we do is descend into spirituality, meditation and transcendence we might master our mind and become more aware of the connected nature of all things for example, but our bodies will be weak and not suitable for the task of carrying us through our human experience.


Alignment means Balance

Life Mastery is the skill of aligning all facets of our experience into a joyful whole that has purpose. If you would like to know more about the concept, connect with us here



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