“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”


Ponder this for a minute. Because this is about you. And it is at the core of our philosophy.

Whatever it is you aspire to in life, whatever your dreams, hopes, fears, setbacks, successes, they consist of different parts of you. Parts that, for most people, live in ongoing conflict with each other. Almost all of them are caused by our general lack of alignment, and are our own limiting beliefs and attitudes.

Integrative Coaching is our philosophy

Coaching with Now Step Up! operates under the assumption that the fewer conflicting parts we have inside us, the more congruent we are. And because congruency and alignment harmonize us with our goals and let us focus on and succeed at the very things that are of value to us, it is always the very first and most crucial initial step to transformation. So no change can ever take place if our inner world is a chaotic mess, and that’s why the Now Step Up! Coaching approach starts right there.

We are all Icebergs…90 % of what we call “our life” takes place on the tip, which makes up only 10 % of it…our lives are largely driven by forces unseen by and unconscious to us, in the recesses of our unconscious minds. Now Step Up! Coaching takes you “underwater”…right to the core.


The building blocks of our lives

Successful coaching is not just about “thinking positive”. It’s an important part of any coaching process, but by itself it falls short as it won’t create lasting, drastic change without taking all the other parts at work inside of us into consideration – our emotions, our physical body and our soul.

So whether you come to us for a career change, whether you are a company seeking to improve the capabilities of current or aspiring leaders, or you simply feel that the time is right to make major, lasting changes in other areas of your life…Now Step Up! coaching has the attitude, the integrity and the tools to help you on your journey. All the way.

Are you ready to Step Up? Contact us now for a free introduction session to explore how we can be of assistance to you on your journey to the next version of YOU.

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