People yelling at us can make our li=fe difficult


We all walk through our mind-created reality on different levels of awareness. That inevitably means that we will come across difficult people who haven’t gotten all that far yet on their journey to growth and liberation. As we all know, those experiences can be a little challenging at times. So how should we act when we are about to lose our cool, get upset, irritated, impatient, angry? Firstly we need to understand that each of us lives in their own version of reality. This version has little to do with what is really out there, but for us this is as real as it gets. Our mind-created reality is how our conditioned Mind – the Ego – connects with what is out there.

It is never about you

First of all, always remember this. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. No matter how much you feel triggered, how all your conditioning flares up like a sidewinder missile, it is not about you. So who is it about then? We all walk around on the planet in our own dazed and confused reality. Because everything we perceive, see, hear, interpret, judge, praise, condemn, like, dislike, love, hate is entirely mind-created. And it is slightly different for each and every one of us, so it’s all depending on our unconscious set of rules and values and beliefs we have acquired over the years. None of us have the power to change another human being, so you can imagine how futile the attempt is. For the Conditioned Mind – our Ego, if you will – nothing but us exists. It takes everything personally. And it is incredibly convincing and powerful to the conscious mind. So even when we know a behavior we are about to display does NOT serve us at all, if a latent belief buried deep inside of us is triggered, that will override reason and rationality every single time.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is simply to become aware. This doesn’t mean those unwanted thoughts will not come up when triggered; after all, very few people on the planet are ego-less. But it means that, once being brought into awareness, it is much easier to recognize them for what they are: figments and demons that have been created entirely in our heads, and the moment we realize that they no longer have power over us – they become laughable actually. So whenever someone who goes in the group of “difficult people” triggers your own inner shadows with their behavior – be aware of it, and be thankful, because the more you practice observing your Ego and its childish behavior, the easier the whole thing gets.

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